The Grocery Foundation Toonie Challenge

Donations will benefit our student nutrition partners who support Toonies for Tummies and the programs they support in local markets:


Media Partners

retailer Duration matching
funds Event
campaign region
Jan 24–Feb 6 Jan 26 & 27 BC / AB / MB / SK
Feb 1-21 Feb 2 & 3 ON
Feb 7 - 21 Feb 9 & 16 ON
Feb 7-21 Feb 9 & 16 ON
Feb 7-21 ON
Feb 24 – Mar 10 March 2 BC / AB / SK
Feb 24 – Mar 10 March 2 BC / AB / SK

The Grocery Foundation Toonie Challenge

Giving a toonie comes full circle

Your Toonie Helps Kids Right In Your Back Yard

Meet the Change Makers: Susan cairns

Meet the Change Makers:
Maureen Burgess

Meet the change makers: Alan joo

Meet the Change Makers: angela dozzi

Meet the Change Makers: jeff halstrom

toonies for tummies big change

Toonie Tracker

Enter your postal code and find out exactly where your money is going.

Enter your postal code to see the location of the school(s) that your toonie helps. 100% of your donation stays local- funding student nutrition programs.

For additional information, please visit:

All proceeds in your area have been donated to these partners:


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Who We Are

The Grocery Foundation does much more than feed
hungry children. It nourishes their potential and
their wellbeing

Toonies for Tummies FAQs

How does The Grocery Foundation identify local programs?

The Foundation works with our partners, including the Ontario Student Nutrition Program Network (Ontario), and in western Canada, Breakfast Club of Canada, to identify eligible school-based student nutrition programs. These programs benefit from donations made in-store and online once the campaign ends.

What if I do not see a program in the vicinity of the store where I am shopping?

The Toonie Tracker includes the programs that benefit at this time. The programs which receive funding continues to evolve. Once the campaign ends, we will identify a local program to receive funding. This program will be in the vicinity of the store (where the funds are collected). This may include a program that is currently on a wait list. Please also be sure to zoom out on the toonie tracker.

Why are schools not named?

We do not publish school names for privacy reasons.

Can I direct my funds to a specific program?

No. But you can be assured that your donation will go to a program in the community where the donation is made.

Do you run a student nutrition program in your school and don’t see it listed on the tracker?

Email us at


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When you donate $2 you’re providing a nutritious breakfast for a hungry child in your community. 100% of donations go to supporting school breakfast programs.

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